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Monday, February 27, 2012

Shamrocks, Scissors and Saint Patrick

To celebrate Saint Patrick's Day, why not try your hand at making a shamrock mask?  

Simply gather some green construction paper (or white paper and green paint), pencils, safety scissors, green yarn, glue, a paper stapler and some crayons, markers or glitter for decoration.

Ready set, go and draw a shamrock on a piece of green construction paper, making sure the shamrock is big enough to cover your face. 

Then, cut the shamrock out of the paper, draw some holes for eyes and cut them out too. 

Next, decorate your shamrock mask with crayons, markers or even glitter. Use your imagination and see what you come up with. 

Finally, attach yarn to the mask using a stapler. Use this yarn to tie the mask to your head.

Note: If you have a lot of time, you might want to create a shamrock mask using paper mache. To do this, cut a shamrock shape out of very thick paper (or cardboard). Then, layer small pieces of newspaper dipped in paper mache (wallpaper paste, water and glue) all over the shamrock shape. Let dry and paint.

Did you know...

The shamrock is a type of clover with white to pink flowers and bright green leaves. According to legend, Saint Patrick (Ireland's patron saint) picked the shamrock (three-leaf clover) as a symbol of the Trinity of the Christian church.

Now you know.

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Lesson: Andrea Mulder-Slater
Illustration: Geoff Slater

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